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Oggetto: [Qgis-tr] Further migration to transifex
Data: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 09:29:55 +0200
Mittente: Werner Macho <werner.macho a gmail.com>
Rispondi-a: QGIS Translation Discussions <qgis-tr a lists.osgeo.org>
A: QGIS Translation Discussions <qgis-tr a lists.osgeo.org>, Werner Macho
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Dear Translators!

First of all thanks for the good work on the 2.4 release, it is a
great pleasure to work with all of you!

The migration to transifex is working well and I see a huge improvement
in terms of translated strings.

With 50 translations to manage it now becomes close to impossible for
me to maintain and update each single translation in the sources with
github on a regular base, so that is now exactly the point where
transifex jumps in.

There are just a few rules for the further migration (I already pointed
most of them out in previous mails).

1. Unless the migration to transifex is not 100% done please add your
language (if it is not already there) to the file at [0] where I can
see where I have to take the translation for the next release from.
I hope over the time more and more languages will switch to transifex
(except a few ones where the maintainers mostly have direct write
access to the repository and are developers anyway)

2. As transifex is able to work "only" with a nickname I kindly ask you
to send your real name to me so that I can add you to the list of
translators in the "about" box. Probably this would be nice to get it
from the coordinators.

2a. Please bear in mind that I still cannot connect a name with a
nickname automatically - so it would be nice if you also give me your
nickname to be able to make this connection (just for me)

2b. It would also be nice, if you don't want your name to appear
anywhere or just don't have the time or for whatever reason you are
quitting with translation -> just tell me so that I can delete your name.

3. Whenever you would like to see your translation in a nightly build or
in source code request it and I will transfer it as soon as I am able to
(sometimes I am away from internet - like the last 2 weeks)

3a. Please also bear in mind that we (the developers and translation
maintainers) also do all of this in the freetime and sometimes it can
just take some time until something is done.

4. It seems there were some misunderstanding lately. The mentioned file
in [0] is just for the migration and only for me - I don't want to
mistakenly overwrite something (probably newer) in github with something
from transifex (and vice versa). Once the migration is done I will put
that file away or somehow make it easier for coordinators to add their

5. From now on (with 50 languages and more) I heavily rely on language
coordinators. It is your language, your team and it would be impossible
for me to manage each language with each translator seperately like we
did it with github/linguist until now. -> So transifex is helping me
here in having coordinator(s) which will be the first persons to speak
to for me if there are some problems.

5a. But I also rely on the help of translators if the coordinator is
not responding to questions or requests on transifex. If that happens
please report it to me and I will try to contact the coordinator too.
I think after some reasonable time of not responding (1 month?, 4
month (release cycle?) one can assume that the coordinator can be
replaced to have a responsive coordinator again.

6. Linguist is far away from being not useable any more. You can
download the .ts file from transifex, translate it with linguist and
upload it again.

I think that were the most important points.
Thanks again for all of your efforts to translate QGIS!

If there are any more questions please ask kon the mailing list and ..
probably as a last point: please recommend your translators to
subscribe to this mailinglist - otherwise they would probably miss
important information.

kind regards

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