[AniMov] Calculating spatial overlap using kerneloverlap() with BRB UDs

Calenge Clement Clement.Calenge at oncfs.gouv.fr
Wed Sep 28 17:25:03 CEST 2016

Dear Guilherme,

> Hi List:
> I am trying to estimate overlaps using the kerneloverlaphr function. The input objects are from estUDm class resulted from the BRB function. However, the overlap values seem odd, as low-overlapped "home ranges" had estimates as higher as the high-overlapped ones.
> Anyone can say what I am doing wrong?

Use the argument same4all=TRUE when you estimate the UD (it is expected 
that the UD are estimated over the same grid). If you use:

UD <- BRB(traject, D, tau=1, Tmax=100, Lmin=0.05, hmin=0.2, same4all=TRUE)

Everything runs fine.
I will try to change the code of kerneloverlaphr to return an error when 
the grid are not located at exactly the same place.
Best regards,

Clément Calenge

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Cellule d'appui méthodologique
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