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Thanks so much Julia for your reply! I did contact the developpers and will
try working with the newer version to see if that fixes the issues! I did
find a draft of the manual, which also is a  work in progress (attached to
this email in case you are interested for your own work!). I also did try
adehabitat but was having some issues with it as well. I will do more work
on that though as soon as I can!
Thanks again for your support!

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>    1. Re: Different error messages when trying to use rhr package
>       (Hazel, Julia)
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> Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2014 11:18:17 +0000
> From: "Hazel, Julia" <julia.hazel at jcu.edu.au>
> To: Animal Movement <animov at faunalia.it>
> Subject: Re: [AniMov] Different error messages when trying to use rhr
>         package
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> G'day Elodie,
> I'm guessing you have multiple problems... maybe you don't have a user
> guide for rhr (I did not find a user guide)... and you want to run many
> complex spatial analyses all at once... simply by making selections in a
> web interface... that is a big ambition!
> I had no prior experience with rhr. I installed it now for the first time.
> I tried to input your csv file but rhr did not recognise your date-time.
>  I had to split your timestamp into date and time (two separate fields).
> I subset a few rows for a quick trial. I selected ONLY minimum convex
> polygon -wishing to start with something simple!
> rhr did provide a reasonable report including plot, in an html page,
> following basic 'reproducible research' practice.
> It seems rhr is still in development. When it reaches a robust working
> stage, it will be very nice. However at present it gave me a lot of warning
> messages, impossible to interpret properly. It would be very difficult to
> determine which messages might relate to your input and which relate to
> assumptions behind rhr coding - assumptions that might not be met on your
> or my system.
> My suggestion would be to contact the developers of rhr directly, if you
> continue with this package. And start with a small dataset, doing one
> analysis at at time.
> Alternatively, take a deep breath and use command line R (via R studio if
> you like) and calculate your home ranges using adehabitat - after first
> reading the helpful user guide.
> Good luck with your work. I look forward to reading (later on) about your
> foraging penguins :)
> Julia
> Julia Hazel Ph.D.
> Adjunct Research Fellow
> School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
> James Cook University, Townsville
> QLD 4811
> Phone: 0407 431 382 (international +61 407 431 382)
> Email: Julia.Hazel at jcu.edu.au
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> From: AniMov [animov-bounces at faunalia.it] on behalf of Elodie Camprasse [
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> Sent: Saturday, 9 August 2014 15:44
> To: animov at faunalia.it
> Subject: [AniMov] Different error messages when trying to use rhr package
> G?day everyone,
> I am working with GPS data recorded from foraging penguins. I recently
> discovered the rhr package, which seems like an amazing tool but
> unfortunately I cannot get it to work.
> I have a dataframe that contains one column for longitude and one for
> latitude, as well as an ID column which gives information about the trip
> number (I want to calculate home range characteristics trip by trip and
> then make a comparison) and a POSIXct timestamp in the format d/%m/%Y
> %H:%M:%S as you can see in the attached file.
> The rhrGUI() command allowed me to open the GUI in my web browser (Google
> Chrome) after loading the package rhr. I uploaded the file with ?comma?,
> ?data comes with header?, ?0?, and ?point? as options for the field
> separator, header, skip lines and decimal separator options. In order to
> map the fields, I used ?id?, ?Longitude?, ?Latitude? and ?timestamp?, and
> ?NA? for he ID, Longitude, Latitude, Date and Time fields respectively. For
> the date, I used the ?ymd_hms? option. I did not apply any restriction. I
> then selected ?lon/lat? (but I also tried meters and got the same output
> with errors), ?4326? (for WGS84), ?28354? (which corresponds to the
> projected coordinate system of the zone I am working with, ie GDA Zone 54),
> ?add random noise? for the unit, input spatial reference system, output
> reference system and duplicates fields separately. On top of that, I ticked
> the verbose mode, write log and use Google maps options. I ticked all
> analytical steps and ran the analysis but I am gett
>  ing error messages throughout the output and no plot at all get produced.
> Here are the error messages I am getting:
> -   Site fidelity: Error in switch(ct, ggplot =
> ggplotGrob(grobs[[ii.table]]), trellis = latticeGrob(grobs[[ii.table]]), :
> EXPR must be a length 1 vector
> -   Time to statistical independence: Error in valid.viewport(x, y, width,
> height, just, gp, clip, xscale, yscale, : invalid 'yscale' in viewport
> -   Minimum Convex Polygon/Kernel Density Estimation: Error in
> rhrConvertUnit(tt$area, config$config$inUnit, config$config$outUnit):
> inUnit is not valid. It should be one of: ido,m,km,ft,yd,mi
> -   Local Convex Hull: Error: is.character(projargs) is not TRUE
> -   Asymptote and Core Area: Error in gzfile(file, "rb"): cannot open the
> connection and Not enough relocations
> I am not sure what these errors mean and how to fix them.
> I should probably mention that I installed the package rhr from the zip
> file found on r-forge a few days ago.
> I have also attached the log and params files created after the analysis
> was ran.
> If someone could help me understand what seems to be the problem and point
> me in the right direction to fix it, it would be much appreciated!
> Cheers,
> Elodie
> Elodie Camprasse
> 6/187 Auburn Road
> Hawthorn, VIC 3122
> Australia
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