[AniMov] how to install the latest version of qgis for debian or how to fix the plugin installer for an old version

stefano anile stefanoanile at yahoo.it
Wed Oct 30 13:08:37 CET 2013

Hi all, 
so I have now this issue that, even if I carefully and successfully followed all the instructions reported here:


at the end, what I install is the version 1.7.5. With this version, I can launch qgis via shell but without the plugin already installed, as this:

qgis --noplugins

Then, when I click on the button for the management of the plugins (I need to add a text delimited file to the project!), qgis crash

Some suggestions on how to install the qgis version 2.0 for debian or how to solve the issue of the plugin installer?

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