[AniMov] Kernel in sextante plugin

Sergio Vignali vignalisergio30 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 18:34:21 CET 2013

OK, now I've upgraded the plugin.

If I try the href I've this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/sergio/.qgis//python/plugins/sextante/core/GeoAlgorithm.py",
line 118, in execute


File "/home/sergio/.qgis//python/plugins/sextante_animove/href.py", line
202, in processAlgorithm

self.to_geotiff(currentPath+'/'+raster_name, crs, xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax,X,Y,

File "/home/sergio/.qgis//python/plugins/sextante_animove/href.py", line
282, in to_geotiff


File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/osgeo/osr.py", line 640, in

return _osr.SpatialReference_ImportFromEPSG(self, *args)

OverflowError: in method 'SpatialReference_ImportFromEPSG', argument 2 of
type 'int'

2013/1/16 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini a faunalia.it>

> Il 16/01/2013 18:13, Sergio Vignali ha scritto:
> > On QGIS 1.8, when I upgraded the plugin I got this error:
> > ImportError: No module named scipy
> you need to install the scipy python module
> thanks for testing.
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