[AniMov] Question to calculate movement (on 2D plane)

csloh at siu.edu csloh at siu.edu
Sat Jan 14 20:44:47 CET 2012

All AniMov listserv members

I am interested to visualize and analyze the movement of a tracked point 
on a drawn map (but it is not earth-based). At this point I would say 
its like Brownian movement (but 2-D).

I am reading up on R and some of the packages (including AniMov), and 
somehow got the impression that many movement calculation include earth 
coordinate (including euclidean calculation of earth curvature). The map 
I am using is from a flat world (its non-earth-based).

Can anyone who is familiar with such movement calculation suggest 
package(s) I can use to calculate the (non-real animal) movement? If you 
are interested to help out (as research collaboration), I would 
appreciate that too.


C. Sebastian Loh

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