[AniMov] How to use GPS coordinate data in adehabitatHR

Eduardo Santos e.salves at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 00:04:40 CEST 2011

Hi Clément,

Thank you for the help.

Like you said, I want to use the function mcp to estimate home-range sizes.
I managed to convert my coordinates from Lat/Long to UTM (I guess this is
what I needed to do). However, when I try to use the package you suggested
(proj4) to convert to UTM I get an error back. Here is a little snippet of
the error I am getting when I am trying to convert my data:

# x is a list with my Lat/Long coordinates
> x
 [1] -45.85599 -45.85800 -45.85719 -45.85709 -45.85684 -45.85712 -45.85916
 [9] -45.85774 -45.85767

 [1] 170.51921 170.51944 170.51782 170.51785 170.51799 170.51772 170.51936
 [9] 170.51781 170.51765

> str(x)
List of 2
 $ Lat : num [1:10] -45.9 -45.9 -45.9 -45.9 -45.9 ...
 $ Long: num [1:10] 171 171 171 171 171 ...

> s <- project(x, "+proj=tmerc")
Error in project(x, "+proj=tmerc") :
  latitude or longitude exceeded limits

Any ideas why I am getting this error back?

Again, thanks a lot for your help.


Eduardo S. A. Santos
PhD student


Department of Zoology
University of Otago
340 Great King St.
P.O. Box 56
Dunedin, New Zealand

2011/6/29 Clément Calenge <clement.calenge at oncfs.gouv.fr>

> Dear Eduardo,
>> I am new to using adehabitatHR. I have a very simple question that neither
>> the vignette of adehabitatHR nor Google could answer, so may you can help. I
>> want to estimate home ranges using the function mcp. My data consists of
>> individual ids and their locations in a Lat + Long format in a .csv file, as
>> follows:
>> ID          Lat            Long
>> X      45.85711  170.51833
>> ...
>> The question is: Do I have to convert my Lat/Long coordinates to another
>> metric to estimate home ranges using mcp? If so, how do I proceed?
> Depending on your needs, you may have to convert your coordinates to
> another system or not. If you just need to calculate the coordinates of the
> vertices of the MCP (e.g. for habitat analyses, i.e. just to identify the
> places of your study area located in the home range of an animal), you do
> not have to convert your coordinates. On the other hand, if you plan to use
> the home-range size calculated by this function, you have to (see the
> arguments unin and unout on the help page of the function mcp: the units of
> the coordinates should be in meters or kilometers; not decimal degrees).
> To change the projection system, you can have a look at the package proj4
> in R or to try to do this with a GIS.
> HTH,
> Clément Calenge
> --
> Clément CALENGE
> Cellule d'appui à l'analyse de données
> Direction des Etudes et de la Recherche
> Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage
> Saint Benoist - 78610 Auffargis
> tel. (33)
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