[AniMov] problems installing adehabitat under win Seven and HR QGIS plugin error

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Thu May 27 11:23:16 CEST 2010

Hi Anne, list

> > I have also a problem testing the HR plugin under Windows (both XP and
> > Seven, using the sample dataset and qgis trunk from osgeo4w) as it
> > returns always this message
> > 
> > Error in writeOGR(khr.polygons, dir, name, "ESRI Shapefile") : 
> > 	GDAL Error 1: Invalid index : -1
> > 
> > when using any method other than MCP.
> I suspect rgdal - but it's only a gut feeling, will look at this asap.

thanks for the feedback!

I have just seen this also under Linux, in a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 install,
using packages from the ubuntugis repository and qgis trunk self

The strange thing is that in another ubuntu 10.04 machine I succesfully
used the plugin yesterday.

I always used the sample dataset.

Hope this can help


-- Giovanni --

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