[AniMov] small request

Matěj Lövy mates.lovy at gmail.com
Thu May 6 15:18:09 CEST 2010

Dear colleagues,
I try to understand something about calculation of HR in r-project
using ADEHABITAT package. I have read about and tried ot analyse our
data with LSCV method for smoothing parameter. but I received this

Warning message:
In kernelUD(xy, id, h = "LSCV") : The algorithm did not converge
within the specified range of hlim: try to increase it

when I tried this: mydata <- kernelUD(xy, id, h = "LSCV").
could zou help me how to fix and understand this problem?

All the best and many thanks in advance

with kind regards
Matej Lovy
Matěj Lövy
University of South Bohemia
Faculty of Sciences
Branišovská 31
České Budějovice
370 05
Czech Republic

phone: 00420602762914
email: mates.lovy at gmail.com

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