[AniMov] problems installing adahabitat under win Seven and HR QGIS plugin error

Václav Řehák rehakv01 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 15:02:54 CEST 2010

> > Error in writeOGR(khr.polygons, dir, name, "ESRI Shapefile") :
> > 	GDAL Error 1: Invalid index : -1
> >
> > when using any method other than MCP.
> I suspect rgdal - but it's only a gut feeling, will look at this asap.

H Anne,

have you already had a chance to look at this? I encountered exactly
the same problem with two installations on Windows XP.

If you cannot reproduce the problem, I'll be happy to help debugging
it but as I don't have any experience with R programming and I didn't
find a way to e.g. insert debug prints into the R code and see them in
QGIS, I didn't obtain more detailed symptoms of the problem (the
commented-out code in HRplugin_dialog.py:213 doesn't work and I did
not have time to make it work).

Thanks for help,


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