[AniMov] problem with getverticeshr at >85%

Corrie Curtice cc157 at duke.edu
Tue Jul 27 21:27:54 CEST 2010


I am trying to export the home range for a single individual animal.
I'm getting the error  "Error in re[[i]] : subscript out of bounds" --
I looked on the archive and found my own posting of this question for
the 100% isopleth. :)  So now I'm wondering, why does the error occur
at lower isopleth levels? Ideally I would like the 95% KHRE to show
the "home range" of each animal, and this works with all other
individuals.  The answer to my last posting noted that the isopleth
went beyond the grid limits.   I'm not passing in an underlying grid.
Here's my call:

    ud <- kernelUD(xy, grid=100, h="href")
    kvtmp <- getverticeshr(ud, lev = 95)

Levels up to 85 work fine.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, if
not what is the proper way to report the result for this animal? If
you need more code or output I can send.



Corrie Curtice
Research Associate
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

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