[AniMov] vFractal port - was Google Summer of Code 2009 proposal

Anne Ghisla FEM anne.ghisla at iasma.it
Tue Jul 13 09:09:09 CEST 2010

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 12:08 AM, Vilis Nams <vnams at nsac.ca> wrote:
> Anne,
>  I will help you if I can. When you mean "VFractal" do you mean specifically the algorithm for the VFractal estimator, or do you mean generally all of the estimators that the program Fractal calculates?

Thanks a lot!
sorry, I meant the whole Fractal; for SoC we chose only part of it
because of the relatively tight schedule.

>  Also, Fractal currently is written in Delphi, which is a version of object-oriented Pascal. I am not sure how useful this will be to you, since R is not object-oriented. However, if it will be useful I can send it to you. I have ~40 modules in that program, some of which deal with analyses and some of which deal with the user-interface. It might be a bit difficult for someone to disentangle the useful parts. Should I just send you the whole thing or parts of it?

I'd like to get the whole bunch. May I ask for explanation where code
is not clear enough for me?
As you point out, the port will be almost a rewrite, because of the
different nature of the two languages. What I aim to keep is the logic
and the result of ~15 years of testing. Of course I will notify you of
any backportable bugfix.

thanks again,

> Cheers, Vilis
> ======================
> Vilis O Nams
> Dept Env Sciences
> vnams @ nsac.ca
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>>>> Anne Ghisla FEM <anne.ghisla at iasma.it> 07/12/10 10:05 AM >>>
> Prof. Nams,
> I follow the thread started in February 2009 about the port/rewrite of
> vFractal in R, in particular Paolo Cavallini's email on Animove
> mailing list [0]. Sadly the proposal wasn't accepted for Summer of
> Code, but now I have the opportunity to work on it in the framework of
> my PhD.
> Therefore I would like to ask you again the source code, or any useful
> hint to rewrite the program from scratch.
> Thanks in advance,
> Anne Ghisla

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