[AniMov] vFractal port - was Google Summer of Code 2009 proposal

Anne Ghisla FEM anne.ghisla at iasma.it
Mon Jul 12 15:08:10 CEST 2010

Prof. Nams,

I follow the thread started in February 2009 about the port/rewrite of
vFractal in R, in particular Paolo Cavallini's email on Animove
mailing list [0]. Sadly the proposal wasn't accepted for Summer of
Code, but now I have the opportunity to work on it in the framework of
my PhD.
Therefore I would like to ask you again the source code, or any useful
hint to rewrite the program from scratch.

Thanks in advance,

Anne Ghisla

[0] http://lists.faunalia.it/pipermail/animov/2009-February/000370.html

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