[AniMov] Error with kernel LSCV / kernel adj h / NNCH

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 18:02:39 CET 2010

2010/1/28 Damiano G. Preatoni <prea at uninsubria.it>:
> In un messaggio del Thursday 28 January 2010, Jehol ha scritto:
>> Dear all,
>> when using the home-range pluging for QGIS I have a problem with estimation
>> with kernel LSCV or kernel adj. h (kernel fixed h works well however), as
>> well as with NNCH.
>> The program reports:
>> Error in function (x, attr, field = "ID", out = allavailable, level = 95,
>>  : The object I'm supposed to export
>> does not come out from HR_cruncher, but if it has the same
>> structure, set its class to both list and homerange
>> Any hint on where this comes from would be appreciated -
> The exporter function (see exporter.R for the code) assumes that its object
> comes from HR_cruncher, and is of class "list" and "homerange".
> A temporary fix could be to force (?class) that class in the object to be
> exported...

Hello Jehol,

sorry for late response.
I just made a test on my machine, running Debian testing and QGIS 1.5,
the plugin (version 2.1.4) works both in batch mode and in single
method mode.
Can you provide more details on your operating system and the version
of QGIS and the dependencies? I have also a Windows install and could
try to reproduce the bug you reported.

Alll the best

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