[AniMov] Error with kernel LSCV / kernel adj h / NNCH

Damiano G. Preatoni prea at uninsubria.it
Thu Jan 28 16:51:08 CET 2010

In un messaggio del Thursday 28 January 2010, Jehol ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> when using the home-range pluging for QGIS I have a problem with estimation
> with kernel LSCV or kernel adj. h (kernel fixed h works well however), as
> well as with NNCH.
> The program reports:
> Error in function (x, attr, field = "ID", out = allavailable, level = 95, 
>  : The object I'm supposed to export
> does not come out from HR_cruncher, but if it has the same
> structure, set its class to both list and homerange
> Any hint on where this comes from would be appreciated -

The exporter function (see exporter.R for the code) assumes that its object 
comes from HR_cruncher, and is of class "list" and "homerange". 
A temporary fix could be to force (?class) that class in the object to be 

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