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Dear Mates,

I am definitely not an expert on the subject but I used R for home range and
habitat calculations from telemetry locations. One of the easiest solutions
that come to my mind is that you can assign your origin point (0,0) to a GPS
location in your study area and add the X coordinate value of this GPS
location (I assume you sue UTM coordinates) to all the X values of your
telemetry locations; and add the Y coordinate value of this GPS location to
all the Y values of your telemetry locations. Then you can use this data in


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> Dear colleagues,
> I am trying to cantact you in one problem (or question) in r-package
> AniMove or Animal movement for r-project. It is really helpful and in
> previous studies hel me a lot!!! Now I am processing our telemtry data for
> subterranean rodents and I have one question about how is your programme
> working.
> We do not have GPS position data, becouse these animals are too small for
> precise measuring of GPS (small homeranges). This fact is reason, why we use
> spatial grid (in meters) where we have each position of each animal
> precisely marked. So every telemtry fix of animal is in format (x; y), where
> both are different distances in meters related to origin (0; 0 m). My
> question is if it is possible to use this format of raw data in Adehabitat
> for calculating of kernel, mcp and other functions? and if not, could you
> advise me what to do with such kind of data.
> Many thanks in advance and I really appriciate any answers
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Deniz Özüt

Doğa Koruma Merkezi
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