[AniMov] raw data

Mates matesus at centrum.cz
Mon Jan 11 09:36:54 CET 2010

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to cantact you in one problem (or question) in r-package AniMove or Animal movement for r-project. It is really helpful and in previous studies hel me a lot!!! Now I am processing our telemtry data for subterranean rodents and I have one question about how is your programme working.

We do not have GPS position data, becouse these animals are too small for precise measuring of GPS (small homeranges). This fact is reason, why we use spatial grid (in meters) where we have each position of each animal precisely marked. So every telemtry fix of animal is in format (x; y), where both are different distances in meters related to origin (0; 0 m). My question is if it is possible to use this format of raw data in Adehabitat for calculating of kernel, mcp and other functions? and if not, could you advise me what to do with such kind of data.

Many thanks in advance and I really appriciate any answers

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