[AniMov] HomeRange plugin - installation problem

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 10:04:39 CET 2010


> I have a problem with the installation of the HomeRange plugin. I get
> the following error message: "Unable to determine R version from the
> registery. Calling the command 'R RHOME' does not return anything.
> This might be because R.exe is nowhere in your Path."

After installing R on a windows platform you need to add the path to the
R binaries in the windows "path" environment variable


control panel -> system -> advanced -> environment variables -> path

the click "edit" and then add in the end a ";" and then the path to R
binaries, ex: "C:\Program Files\R\R-2.9.1\bin"

you will need to reboot to see the effect of the changes

> I use Windows XP, QGIS 1.3.0. "Mimas" and R 2.9.1. I also installed
> Python, R packages rgdal and adehabitat and rpy2 as stated in the
> install file of the HomeRange_plugin (I must admit I only have a vague
> idea of what is Python and rpy2 are).

If I'm not wrong now there are other two dependencies, R packages
"shapefiles" and "gpclib". I believe you'll need R 2.10 to install the
gpclib library.

Using R 2.10 it will allow you to use other cool R based tools in qgis,
like the "manageR" and the "spatial data analisys for point pattern"

>  However, in the QGIS Wiki page of HomeRange plugin, it is written
> that "libraries MUST be installed with the OSGeo4W installer". Maybe
> it is the source of my problem, because I have not use OSGeo4W to
> install the previous items (in fact I still don't know how to use it
> and I have so much to learn in the open source gis world). Does anyone
> have an idea of what could be the problem?

This means that if you installed qgis (and consequently python) with the
osgeo4w installer, then you'll need to install the required python
modules with the same osgeo4w installer (you'll find them in the "libs"
section of the installer wizard).

It is my opinion that actually installing qgis with the osgeo4w
installer is better: easier to manage, to update (try qgis 1.4, it is a
major update since 1.3) and you have all what you need a few mouse
clicks away.


-- Giovanni --

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