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Henrik Lundqvist h.lundqvist at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 13:21:12 CET 2010

Cheers everyone, this might be a noob question

After been sitting for a while with constructing homeranges with NNCH.R I
would like them to be as input homeranges into RUF which takes a dataframe
with kascs as its arguments. I understand how this is done when using
kernelUD and getvolumeUD but not with the NNCH output class (NNCH). Is there
someone who has done that or just know how to do it I'd be more than happy.

One way to do it (I guess) is to make an ascgrid with NNCH.asciigrid which
exports an asc from a NNCH-calculation. The extent of the output-asc is not
inherited from the input-asc in the function, which is troublesome when I
try to join ascs into kascs for the RUF-analysis as they dont have the same
extent and hence the same number of rows
(arguments imply differing number of rows: 172368, 1920)

My code:

ascgrid <- ascgen(coords, cellsize=50)
RenNNCH236asc <- NNCH.asciigrid(RenNNCH236, asc=ascgrid, cellsize=50,
percent = rev(seq(5, 100, by = 5)))

i.e. The 'ascgrid' and 'RenNNCH236asc' differ in extent as the latter is
smaller covering only the NNCH-homerange of 'RenNNCH236'

Function says

*NNCH.asciigrid(x, asc = NULL, cellsize = 1, percent = rev(seq(10,100, by =
10)), id = NULL, k = NULL, r = NULL, a = NULL)*

Have I got it wrong?

If you're using the downloaded NNCH.R script it might have missing argument
in the function.

Line 1064 says

Should say (I presume):

Henrik, with a slight virtual olympic jetlag

Henrik Lundqvist
h.lundqvist at gmail.com
henrik.lundqvist at huv.slu.se
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