[AniMov] Bug in NNCH.R - NNCH.export.asciigrid

Henrik Lundqvist h.lundqvist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 15:49:12 CET 2010

Hi all

I was trying to export a NNCH isopleth into ASCII-grid (using
NNCH.export.asciigrid) which worked when I used the name "homerange" for the
Later I tried to export another NNCH-calculation and it failed.... after
some investigation I think I came across a syntax error in NNCH.R

Line 1074
says:               x<-NNCH.select(homerange,k=k,id=id,r=r,a=a,e=e)
should say:   homerange<-NNCH.select(x,k=k,id=id,a=a,r=r,e=e)

Now it works fine

Thanks for a great script nevertheless...

/Henrik Lundqvist, no... not the goalie...

Henrik Lundqvist
h.lundqvist at gmail.com
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