[AniMov] basic use of the R project for home range analyses

Franco Leandro de Souza flsouza at nin.ufms.br
Thu Feb 11 20:11:08 CET 2010

Dear members,
I am initialing in R project so, excuse me for some inconvenience and 
repetition in the questions I will post in this message.
I am trying to use this platform to analyze data on animal home range, 
particularly home range size (e.g. traditional area calculus by minimum 
convex polygon and kernel). After several tentative by different packages 
(including ArcView, Home Range, Home Ranger, CalHome
), the tools from R 
project seems to be interesting for my purposes. However, the things are not 
so friendly as they are shown. For instance, after install the “adehabitat” 
package, I am informed that other packages are necessary for a complete 
analyze. No problem yet.
Things become to be dark when several links are suggested to produce 
figures: quantum gis and associated files (phyton for instance but the are 
many other). So, it is like a puzzle and the puzzle pieces are hosted in the 
hard disk.
So, basically I would like to use coordinate data from GPS to produce home 
range estimates, including figures, and my question is: is there a step by 
step manual for R project to proceed with such analyses?
Thanks for all,

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