[AniMov] HomeRange plugin v.2.1.5

Kail M. Zingapan kail.zingapan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 08:57:20 CEST 2010

Dear Anne,

Thank you for your work on the update. I installed the new plugin 
immediately and the 'ade4' error has gone away. However, the plugin 
does not complete and reports the following:

Error in function (x, attr, field = "ID", out = allavailable, level = 
95, : This procedure requires rgdal and adehabitat to be installed.

Again, I have re-installed the rgdal and adehabitat packages in R. I 
wonder what else can I do. I use the sample data for testing.

Many thanks!

At 01:49 PM 4/12/2010 +0200, Anne Ghisla wrote:
>Hi all, and sorry for cross-posting,
>the new version of the plugin contains a critical bugfix related to rpy2
>dataframe handling - now all analyses are correctly performed.
>The odd bug about ade4 is very elusive and I'm presently unaware of a
>pattern. All I can say now is that it doesn't happen on the tested
>platforms.. [0]
>Next TODO on the list is the multi-threading, as Python 2.6 is now on
>Debian testing, my main development platform.
>Feedback is welcome!
>All the best,
>Anne Ghisla

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