[AniMov] OT? MultiBuffer, Intersect and Dissolve Tool in R?

Damiano G. Preatoni prea at uninsubria.it
Fri Sep 18 09:22:21 CEST 2009

In un messaggio del Friday 18 September 2009, Breitbach, Nils ha scritto:
> Dear Community,
> I am looking for a R-function (or if there is none directly in R in GRASS
> or QGIS) that works just like the MulitBuffer Tool from the Toolbox in
> ESRIs ArcGIS. Furthermore I would like to use an equivalent to the ArcGIS
> Tools Intersect and Dissolve. Since I am just starting to do geographical
> analyses with R I just do not know where to look for equivalent functions
> in R (Grass or QGIS).

If what you need is some tool "to do topological overlay", perhaps the best 
way is to use either GRASS (v.overlay & family) or QGis fTools plugin (very 
very similar to the good old "swiss army knife" XTools for ArcView GIS[1]).

If you need to work interactively, IMHO QGis (and its GRASS plugin) is the 
best tool. Should you prefer an easily programmable tools, maybe GRASS along 
with some bash scripting will do.

Of course, these are my 2 Eurocents...

[1] Rats! I mentioned ESRI software... My apologies ot the list, but who needs 
ESRI anymore? :)

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