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Dear all at animove.

I would like to ask a favour please. Could you send out an email to the
listserve highlighting the following web links for our Giant tortoise
movement ecology project: I hope people will be interested in our ptoject
and the publicity for us would be great....

Thanks and thanks for the animove service.


Steve Blake





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   1. Re: Exporting kernel home range utilization distribution	to
      an ESRI shapefile (feurbano at clix.pt)


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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 17:02:22 +0000
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Subject: Re: [AniMov] Exporting kernel home range utilization
	distribution	to an ESRI shapefile
To: animov at faunalia.it
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If you want to produce some nice maps (or analyze further your data outside
R), I
suggest you to export the probability surface (as raster), as well.
You can use something like (you have to work a little bit on the code, i am
copying it from a longer function):

res <- asc2spixdf(asc)
writeGDAL(res, paste(path,name, sep=""), drivername = "GTiff", type =


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>Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 12:17:16 -0500
>From: Corrie Curtice cc157 at duke.edu>
>Subject: [AniMov] Exporting kernel home range utilization distribution
>	to an	ESRI shapefile
>To: animov at faunalia.it
>	33debc420911240917x789082c8g48fb52776e43cf5c at mail.gmail.com>
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>Is there a straightforward method for exporting a kernel home range
>utilization distribution produced by kernelUD to an ESRI shapefile?  I
>have the following code:
>I get a nice picture of the kernel home range utilization distribution
>with contours.  I want to create my maps in ArcMap (I'm not that good
>with maps in R yet), so I'd like to export each homerange UD as an
>ESRI shapefile, keeping the contour information so I can color ramp it
>appropriately and do some analysis in ArcMap.   This is what I think
>I'm supposed to do, from reading
>But I think this only gets me one contour level (95%), right?  Once I
>get that into ArcMap it's just a single polygon. It doesn't look like
>getverticieshr takes a list of levels, just one. Do I need to repeat
>this and glue them together for all the levels? Is there a different /
>better way to do this?
>Also, somewhat related, I'd like to get my projection information into
>the SpatialPolygon object, but it's created in the kver2spol
>function... is there a way to set the CRS still?
>Thanks for any help or pointers.
>Corrie Curtice
>Research Associate
>Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab
>Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
>em: corrie.curtice at duke.edu
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