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Hi All, Would it be possible to implement the "plug in" option (See refs
below) for bandwidth selection of kernel homeranges in the Home-range

Wand, M. P. & Jones, M. C. (1995). Kernel smoothing. London: Chapman and
Gitzen, R. A., Millspaugh, J. J., Kernohan, B. J. (2006). Bandwidth
selection for fixed-kernel analysis of animal utilization distributions. J.
Wildl. Manag., 70: 1334-1344.


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Hi all, and sorry for cross-posting,

during QGIS hackfest the idea of an ecological toolbox has popped up,
thanks mainly to Johannes Signer.
Among currently available standalone bundles, we thought about Hawth's
tools [0] and some other Arc* plugins; other tools, like Conefar [1]
and Circuitscape [2], are dedicated GIS clones and could not cover all
analysis requirements, therefore obliging the user to switch among
different programs.
We'd like to ask ecology researchers, teachers and students what are
the most common analyses you run, and if you'd like to have the
related tools available for QGIS in a toolbox just like for example
GRASS toolbox.

Thanks for feedback, and feel free to forward the message to relevant
people and mailing lists!
Anne Ghisla

[0] http://www.spatialecology.com/htools/tooldesc.php
[1] http://www.conefor.org/
[2] http://www.circuitscape.org/Circuitscape/Welcome.html
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