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Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 18:23:43 CET 2009

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Hi all, and sorry for top and cross posting,

first of all, thanks for feedback and enthusiasm about the topic.
I've tried to collect in this wiki page [0] what came up in the thread,
and I'm looking forward for more contribution!

best regards,

[0] http://www.qgis.org/wiki/Ecology_Tools

Rainer M Krug ha scritto:
> On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Micha Silver <micha at arava.co.il> wrote:
>> Anne Ghisla wrote:
>>> Hi all, and sorry for cross-posting,
>>> during QGIS hackfest the idea of an ecological toolbox has popped up,
>>> thanks mainly to Johannes Signer.
>>> Among currently available standalone bundles, we thought about Hawth's
>>> tools [0] and some other Arc* plugins; other tools, like Conefar [1]
>>> and Circuitscape [2], are dedicated GIS clones and could not cover all
>>> analysis requirements, therefore obliging the user to switch among
>>> different programs.
>>> We'd like to ask ecology researchers, teachers and students what are
>>> the most common analyses you run, and if you'd like to have the
>>> related tools available for QGIS in a toolbox just like for example
>>> GRASS toolbox.
> I think this is a brilliant idea.  A friend of mine is using Diva GIS for
> teaching, as it has a very good toolbox for ecological GIS work (according
> to him - I haven't used it yet) - but Diva is one reason, why he still needs
> Windows in a virtual machine.
> So it might be an option, to look into Diva to see what they have, and
> include those into QGIS.
> I like that idea of ecological analysis tools that much, that I would
> suggest an approach which enables the use of these tools from other programs
> as well (I am thinking in particular about R and GRASS). I guess, it would
> be more work, but I think it would be worth.
> A set of tools for spatial ecological analysis - like GDAL and OGR are for
> raster and vectors IO - that would be BRILLIANT.
> Rainer
>> I'd like to see a simple set of tools for patch analysis: patch density,
>> perimeter to area ratio, std. dev of patch sizes etc. Similar to what's
>> available from the GRASS r.le.* modules.
>> Then that might lead to tools for connectivity analysis, like the
>> circuitscape example you sited.
>> Regards,
>> Micha
>>  Thanks for feedback, and feel free to forward the message to relevant
>>> people and mailing lists!
>>> Anne Ghisla
>>> [0] http://www.spatialecology.com/htools/tooldesc.php
>>> [1] http://www.conefor.org/
>>> [2] http://www.circuitscape.org/Circuitscape/Welcome.html

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