[AniMov] HomeRange_plugin now rpy2 capable

GHISLA ANNE a.ghisla at studenti.uninsubria.it
Wed Jan 7 20:26:37 CET 2009

Damiano G. Preatoni ha scritto:
> Testbed for lenny/sid ready (R 2.7.1, adehabitat 1.6) ready!
> first reports...
> OS: Debian lenny/sid
> QGis: 1.0.0-Kore
> python: 2.5.2
> rpy: python-rpy 1.0.3-2 
> R: 2.7.1
> adehabitat: 1.6
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/home/prea/.qgis//python/plugins/HomeRange_plugin/plugin.py", line 
> 257, in run
>     shapefileslist = self.Rcall(geomData)
>   File "/home/prea/.qgis//python/plugins/HomeRange_plugin/plugin.py", line 
> 350, in Rcall
>     data = robjects.default_ri2py(data.sexp)
> NameError: global name 'robjects' is not defined
> Which means I should upgrade to rpy2 and consequently to R >= 2.8.0...

no... it means that I left a trailing rpy2 module call there :) Keep an eye on
SVN tomorrow.

> Anne, please confirm that there is no backwards compatibility: IMHO on Debian 
> this shouldn't be an issue, just apt-get to keep R & rpy2 up to date...

You're right. 
On Windows, there is a deep difference in the call of rpy and rpy2, therefore
accordingly there are different versions of some parts of the code.
On Debian the module is always named rpy, and behaves like before.

The code forks in the most delicate passages, where Windows' rpy and all Debian
rpys choose the "old" version, and Windows' rpy2 chooses the "new".

As I worked only on Windows to perform the upgrade, there are unchecked
situations for Linux - tomorrow I'll find and remove this last bugs.

Many thanks for immediate testing an stay tuned! 


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