[AniMov] getverticieshr with lev=100

Corrie Curtice cc157 at duke.edu
Wed Dec 2 16:59:41 CET 2009

This might be a dumb novice question, but why can't I get the 100%
isopleth with getverticieshr?

When I try this:
kvtmp <- getverticeshr(ud, lev = 100)

I get this error:
Error in re[[i]] : subscript out of bounds

Is that just not something that should be done? 99 and all others work
fine.  UD was created with kernelUD(xy, id, grid=100, h="href"), on a
single "animal" (really several animals in one area, but I am
interested in the population as a whole).

Thanks for any guidance.


Corrie Curtice
Research Associate
Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
em: corrie.curtice at duke.edu

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