[AniMov] Problems running Home Range Analysis plugin

Laurent Brosse laurent.brosse at aqua-logiq.fr
Fri Apr 3 15:32:28 CEST 2009

Dear Paolo.

What is surprising is that the ade4 package for R is installed (1.4-10 
package), I found it in the "R-2.8.1\library" folder. It seems that 
something makes this package not to launch, but what ....


Paolo Cavallini a écrit :
> Laurent Brosse ha scritto:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm  trying to use for the first time (rookie so) the Home Range
>> Analyses plugin but I still have the following error messages (see
>> below). I try several solutions like installing the last R sofware
>> version with the recommended Python version (2.5) but problems are still
>> there. I use QGis 1.0.1 (Kore) via the OSGeo4W platform with the 1.2.5
>> version of the Hom Range Analyses plugin (dowloaded today  from the
>> Faunalia Repository). I follow recomendation concerning adehabitat and
>> ade4 plugins for R and numpy, rpy2 Gdal an Rgdal are installed ....
>>     res = self.__sexp(*args_r, **kwargs_r)
>> RRuntimeError: Erreur : le package 'ade4' ne peut être chargé
> Hi Laurent.
> Apparently you did not install ade4, or your installation was not
> recognized. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about Windows, so I
> can't help much.
> In the next few days I'll upload the new HomeRange version by Anne, but
> I think your problem will not by solved by simply upgrading.
> Anyone has better clues?

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