[AniMov] position estimation from azimuths

Damiano G. Preatoni prea at uninsubria.it
Sun Oct 12 15:29:20 CEST 2008

In un messaggio del Friday 10 October 2008, Paolo Cavallini ha scritto:
> Damiano G. Preatoni ha scritto:
> > Any news about TRIANG code?
> >
> > Here we're about to start a thesis project aimed to create from scratch
> > code (either in R or in QGis + Python, we've still to define that), just
> > starting from White & Garrot book...
> >
> > Any suggestion is welcome, of course!
> Of course a python library, reusable through qgis an other, would be a
> very nice option. Sure there is no python code to reuse for this?
> All the best.

AFAIK, there is no reusable code.
We're wondering whether to put up a triangulation engine in R, using the 
standard 'x,y,id,timestamp, whatever' dataframe, in order to integrate in 
into adehabitat... this would mean adding a python interface to use 
the 'triangulator' from QGis, wit all data in a shapefile...
the interface in Qgis, calculate in R approach used for the Home Range Plugin 
looks good... so you can carry out calculations on low data volumes in QGis, 
and do batch operations in 'pure' R...

(mumble, mumble...)

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