[AniMov] Animove GUI

Leonardo Lami lami at faunalia.it
Wed May 21 18:26:58 CEST 2008

Hi Anne,
> Hi all, (especially Leonardo)
> I tested the module in QGIS on Windows XP, but found some problems, and solved
> some of them.
> The first one is about whitespaces in paths.
> QGIS installer uses a default directory named C:\Programmi\Quantum GIS\
> but the script, when it parses the $PATH, breaks up the path in two parts and
> can't get over.
> I tried to patch it adding a sed command that subtitutes whitespaces with
> underscores.
> s/\ /_/g
> This is not a definitive solution, anyway...

You can avoid this problem choosing an installation directory without 
space (eg. C:\Programmi\QuantumGIS\)

This is not a definitive solution, anyway...

> Secondly, in the $PATH there is no path to R installation. I added it manually
> by the Control Panel.
> It's not a bug, but it's necessary.
> Then, there is a syntax problem in kver.to.shapefile function.
> <code>
> Errore in source("R_temp") : R_temp: unexpected '=' at
> 14: levels(data_to_export[[1]])<-c(1:(nlevels(data_to_export[[1]])))
> 15: list_name <- data.frame(Id=c(1:nlevels(data_to_export[[1]])), id_pol=name_p, =
> Inoltre: Warning messages:
> 1: '\_' is an unrecognized escape in a character string 
> 2: '\_' is an unrecognized escape in a character string 
> 3: unrecognized escapes removed from "/temporanea/\_\_" 
> </code>
> I guess it's a problem of R for Windows. I never got this error on Ubuntu,
> running the same code.
Bad thing...
> Anyway, kver.to.shapefile is now deprecated, I suggest to substitute it with
> kver2spol() and rgdal exportation.
> May I send you modified code?

Good! Send it and then we retest it!
Thank you for it


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