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In un messaggio del 08:28, mercoledì 17 gennaio 2007, Amanda Leilani Meyer ha 
> Hello,
> I am a graduate student at the University of Hawaii and I have been
> tracking groupers in both Hawaii and Moorea French Polynesia.  I am using
> ArcView animal movement extension to analyzing my data and was hoping
> someone could help me with a few questions. I am I am looking at Kernel
> analysis  and was wondering about ad hoc H values.  When I am comparing
> kernels for fish from different sites (ex Hawaii and Moorea), should I
> average the ad hoc H values I get for the sites and use the averaged ad hoc
> h value for my analysis, as a whole? When comparing multiple sites should I
> average (use a common) h values amongst all sites? And if I use a common H
> value should I average H values or is there a better way to come up with a
> common H value? I am using ad hoc values because my computer freezes every
> time I try to do least squares regression. Any help would be
> appreciated!!!!

We have recently published (december 2006) on Ecological Modelling a way to 
cope with H related problems... is no silver bullet, of course!
You can find the paper at



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