[AniMov] adehabitat and mcp.area

Bøthun Gjermund gjermund.Boethun at imr.no
Thu Jan 26 09:20:22 CET 2006


I'm using adehabitat to analyse satellite telemetry data from harbour porpoises. I have also played with different R-packages as  map, maptools and different  sp-packages. 
I want to estimate homerange with mcp.area or kernelUD. 
My data are georeferenced (latitude/longitude) but I think I need to project the data into a projection with metric units.

My question is how can I transform my data from lat/lon into a format accepted as input for mcp.area?

Example R-code:

# EW and NS are latitude longitude in decimaldegree. 
cp=mcp.area(data.frame(x=xy$x,y=xy$y),rep("A",length(xy$x)),unin="km",unout="m2") #or unin="m"

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