[AniMov] trajectory question

Heather Moyer HMoyer at Dal.Ca
Tue Oct 18 19:15:29 CEST 2005

I am a new student of movement, working on an ultrasonic lobster tagging project
in New Brunswick.  I have been attempting to convert my data into a trajectory
file but have not been able to do so.  Please help!

I have loaded the "adehabitat" package, and set up my data as follows:

       lat     long  tag               date
1 46.58966 64.50456 1002 2004-10-0807:56:00
2 46.60248 64.45351 1003 2004-09-0311:31:00
3 46.60579 64.44084 1003 2004-09-0405:26:00
4 46.66876 64.51301 1003 2004-09-0612:00:00

 then I tried creating the date vector:


but my final line:

 lob.traj<-as.traj(id=lobster$tag, xy=lobster[,c("long","lat")],date=da)

always gives this error message:
(Error in if ((as.numeric(x$date))[i] == (as.numeric(x$date))[i - 1]) ind[i] <-
1 : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed)

I have read the archives for AniMov, and I don't think that my "da" vector is
wrong.  My only other thought is that my latitudes and longitudes are in the
wrong format.

Any suggestions?
Thanks, Heather

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