[AniMov] kernel home range estimates

Wayne M Getz getz at nature.berkeley.edu
Mon May 23 16:50:27 CEST 2005



>Hi all,
>Wayne M Getz a écrit :
>>Hi Paola:
>>I can try to do something about making LoCoH available to users 
>>with data stored using open source software.  What do you suggest. 
>Did you have a look at the function NNCH() of the R package adehabitat ?
>It performs a nearest neighbour convex hull estimation of home range
>(as LoCoH) with R. As kernel estimation is also available in the same
>package (see ?kernelUD), the comparison can be done directly within
>Hope this helps,
>>>Hi all.
>>>While very interesting, the LoCoH approach has a major problem, in that it
>>>depends on proprietary software (how amny of us own a copy of ArcView?.
>>>Please help us improving the existing R code to run the same 
>>>analyses on free
>>>and open source software.
>>>Sander & Clement have already done much in this direction.
>>>At 00:08, domenica 22 maggio 2005, Wayne M Getz has probably written:
>>>>  Hi Kristin:
>>>>  You might also want to try LoCoH and compare it to the Kernel HR.
>>>>  See http://nature.berkeley.edu/~alyons/locoh/.
>>>>  Wayne
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