[AniMov] kernel home range estimates

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon May 23 16:00:14 CEST 2005

Hi Wayne.
Sander Oom and Clement Calenge have already done some work on this; please see 
the mailing list archives for details, and/or write directly to the mailing 
The idea here is to do the number-crunching and shape/polygon generation in R, 
and geographica analyses in GRASS. See AniMove web site for a hint of what 
we've got (unfortunately we do not have much time to follow this up, but it 
is not a heavy task.
Please keep in touch.

At 15:49, lunedì 23 maggio 2005, Wayne M Getz has probably written:
> Hi Paola:
> I can try to do something about making LoCoH available to users with
> data stored using open source software.  What do you suggest.  GRASS?
> Wayne
> >Hi all.
> >While very interesting, the LoCoH approach has a major problem, in that it
> >depends on proprietary software (how amny of us own a copy of ArcView?.
> >Please help us improving the existing R code to run the same analyses on
> > free and open source software.
> >Sander & Clement have already done much in this direction.
> >Thanks.
> >pc
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