[AniMov] kernel home range estimates

Wayne M Getz getz at nature.berkeley.edu
Sun May 22 00:08:46 CEST 2005

Hi Kristin:

You might also want to try LoCoH and compare it to the Kernel HR. 
See http://nature.berkeley.edu/~alyons/locoh/.


>Dear AniMove mailing list,
>I posted the following email to the Conservation GIS list, and a 
>member of that
>list suggested trying AniMove.
>Several of my advisor's students are involved in wildlife telemetry 
>projects and
>we hope to analyze our data using kernel home range analyses.  We 
>would like to
>develop a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel in order to illustrate 
>exactly how the
>process of kernel analysis works.  Our goal is to write up the excercise and
>post it on the web as a teaching tool.  However, we are having difficulties
>getting the calculations to come close to output from such software 
>programs as
>KernelHR and Home Range Extension.  We could use some assistance in 
>if we are calculating the correct parameters in the correct order.
>If there are any programmers out there who could help us with our 
>or folks who are knowledgeable about the calculations of kernel home 
>ranges who
>would be interested in reviewing our spreadsheet, please let me know directly
>at kwatrous at uvm.edu.
>Many thanks!
>Kristen Watrous
>Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
>University of Vermont
>328 Aiken Center
>Burlington, VT 05401
>(802) 656-3388
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