[AniMov] kernel home range estimates

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat May 21 10:54:01 CEST 2005

Hi all.
I have several advices here:
1. do not use Excel: it does not work in double precision, and roundig can 
give you spurious results; the best choice is obviously R; in case you want 
to stick to a spreadsheet (not really siuted for statistics!), then better 
OpenOffice (same calculation problems, but at least it's free!)
2. join the animove mailing list
All the best.

At 20:36, venerdì 20 maggio 2005, Kristen Lynn Watrous has probably written:
> Dear AniMove mailing list,
> I posted the following email to the Conservation GIS list, and a member of
> that list suggested trying AniMove.
> Several of my advisor's students are involved in wildlife telemetry
> projects and we hope to analyze our data using kernel home range analyses. 
> We would like to develop a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel in order to
> illustrate exactly how the process of kernel analysis works.  Our goal is
> to write up the excercise and post it on the web as a teaching tool. 
> However, we are having difficulties getting the calculations to come close
> to output from such software programs as KernelHR and Home Range Extension.
>  We could use some assistance in determining if we are calculating the
> correct parameters in the correct order.
> If there are any programmers out there who could help us with our
> calculations, or folks who are knowledgeable about the calculations of
> kernel home ranges who would be interested in reviewing our spreadsheet,
> please let me know directly at kwatrous at uvm.edu.
> Many thanks!
> Kristen Watrous

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