[AniMov] kernel home range estimates

Kristen Lynn Watrous Kristen.Watrous at uvm.edu
Fri May 20 20:36:52 CEST 2005

Dear AniMove mailing list,

I posted the following email to the Conservation GIS list, and a member of that
list suggested trying AniMove.

Several of my advisor's students are involved in wildlife telemetry projects and
we hope to analyze our data using kernel home range analyses.  We would like to
develop a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel in order to illustrate exactly how the
process of kernel analysis works.  Our goal is to write up the excercise and
post it on the web as a teaching tool.  However, we are having difficulties
getting the calculations to come close to output from such software programs as
KernelHR and Home Range Extension.  We could use some assistance in determining
if we are calculating the correct parameters in the correct order.

If there are any programmers out there who could help us with our calculations,
or folks who are knowledgeable about the calculations of kernel home ranges who
would be interested in reviewing our spreadsheet, please let me know directly
at kwatrous at uvm.edu.

Many thanks!
Kristen Watrous

Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of Vermont
328 Aiken Center
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 656-3388

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