[AniMov] How to... and wiki

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Jan 25 14:51:14 CET 2005

As for the wiki structure: no problem fro my side; we can have the wiki 
completely dedicated to AniMove (I can install as many different wikis as I 
want). So please everybody go ahead and start writing your thoughts!
I do not think it is so difficult to move wiki pages (just copy and paste 
should be enough?).
All the best.

At 14:41, martedì 25 gennaio 2005, Sander Oom has probably written:
> Dear Animovers!
> Thanks for the great How to... and the wiki. Together with the mailing
> list, we now really have something to show to other people. I will start
> making a habit of inviting other people to Animove!
> Suggestions for the How to...:
> 1) When copying the Schoener test code, I spend a while trying to find
> the necessary other bits of code to create the objects used in the
> Schoener code. Maybe instead, each bit of code should stand on its own.
> This causes some replication of code, but will make it easier to
> cut-paste-run any single example.
> 2) Would it be nice to recreate the How to... in the wiki, so it can be
> extended and maintained by all?
> One suggestion on the wiki:
> 1) most wikis have a controlled front page to set out some structure for
> the wiki. Especially if it is going to contain more then just Animove, a
> well thought out starting page is needed. Paolo could you give us a lead
> on how you imagine the structure to be? Maybe we should agree on a
> naming convention before we start, as renaming pages in wikis is a pain.
> Kwiki does not allow for name spaces (or directory structure), thus the
> hierarchical structure of the wiki has to be build into the naming
> convention. For example we could name all pages concerning Grass:
> 'GrassSomethingSomething'. If other things will be included in the wiki,
> then maybe all names should start with 'Animove'.
> Cheers,
> Sander.

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