[AniMov] How to... and wiki

Sander Oom slist at oomvanlieshout.net
Tue Jan 25 14:41:45 CET 2005

Dear Animovers!

Thanks for the great How to... and the wiki. Together with the mailing 
list, we now really have something to show to other people. I will start 
making a habit of inviting other people to Animove!

Suggestions for the How to...:

1) When copying the Schoener test code, I spend a while trying to find 
the necessary other bits of code to create the objects used in the 
Schoener code. Maybe instead, each bit of code should stand on its own. 
This causes some replication of code, but will make it easier to 
cut-paste-run any single example.

2) Would it be nice to recreate the How to... in the wiki, so it can be 
extended and maintained by all?

One suggestion on the wiki:

1) most wikis have a controlled front page to set out some structure for 
the wiki. Especially if it is going to contain more then just Animove, a 
well thought out starting page is needed. Paolo could you give us a lead 
on how you imagine the structure to be? Maybe we should agree on a 
naming convention before we start, as renaming pages in wikis is a pain. 
Kwiki does not allow for name spaces (or directory structure), thus the 
hierarchical structure of the wiki has to be build into the naming 
convention. For example we could name all pages concerning Grass: 
'GrassSomethingSomething'. If other things will be included in the wiki, 
then maybe all names should start with 'Animove'.



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