[AniMov] More on moving window function

Sander Oom slist at oomvanlieshout.net
Mon Jan 24 10:40:27 CET 2005

Dear Clément,

When trying to sleep last night I had some brain waves about the moving 
window function.

First of all, I realized there is not much use in using the burst ID as 
it will not provide a moving window. Silly me.

Thus we have two options for the moving window: 1) number of points 
(relocations) or 2) time period. Before thinking about any weighting 
approaches it might be useful make a simple moving window function and 
to provide informative output:
1. window ID (window counter or simply row number)
2. function output for window
3. start point (relocation) ID for window
4. end point (relocation) ID for window
5. start time/date for window
6. end time/date for window
Then it will be easy to visualize and analyze the time period covered by 
  each window or the number of points binned in each window.

I also think the moving window function should include a step size. For 
example if one selects a large window size (100 points) one might not 
need to shift the window one point at the time. My data have thousands 
of points, so I could set my window to 100 and step size to 10. I will 
still get plenty of points on my graph, to see the trends in the data. 
Increasing step size will of course decrease processing time.

I guess the window size and step size are both ways to smooth the data. 
The user should be able to control these to get the desired results.

Hope you find the suggestions useful!



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