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Sander Oom sander at oomvanlieshout.net
Sun Jan 9 16:12:35 CET 2005

Hi Paulo and other Animove users,

Best wishes for the new year. Hopefully we can really develop our 
collaboration and Animove in 2005!

I have been busy submitting a big grant proposal and finalizing the 
year. We had our summer holidays here, so I also needed to wrap up. 
Interesting to be in a country were the start of a new work year 
coincides the real new year. Different psychology! Concerning our sable; 
we now have seven GPS collars active, so I should be doing plenty of 
animal movement analysis this year.

Considering the things you mentioned here and in previous email, I 
really think we need a wiki soon. A page on the 'areas' debate would be 
easier to interpret than all the specific emails to various lists. Also 
Carlotta's 'how to' could find a pretty place in the wiki, for everybody 
to comment on and maybe add to.

I had a good look at Plone/Zope and decided (IMHO) that it was not for 
us. It is much to heavy on installation and maintenance and really 
surpasses the small requirements our Animove wiki will have. MediaWiki 
still seems to be the best option for our purposes! MediaWiki allows for 
user administration, which means editing pages can be limited to 
registered users, thus removing the trouble with spammers and other 
hackers. The installation instructions do not look so daunting:



I hope you find some time in the next few weeks to look into this. I'm 
sure other Animove enthusiasts are ready to contribute to the wiki! 
First thing of course would be a logo! Anyone artistically inclined?

The wiki could include a list of users with a little description about 
the projects they are involved in..... just getting excited, sorry.  ;-)



Paolo Cavallini wrote:

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>Hi Sander!
>I did not hear from you since long. I sincerely hope you're not too upset. 
>Please let me know how to edit
>Concerning the wiki, I'd be glad of setting it up (it would be useful also for 
>our work). Just no time for it (I'm involved in too many too interesting 
>projects, plus the administration of our network, plus the "normal" work, 
>We got stuck with the conversion of "area" objects for use in grass, but 
>hopefully we'll sort this out soon.
>In the meantime, Carlotta is writing the howto (in my view, an important tool 
>to make the use of animove easier for newbies).
>Lokking forward to hear from you.
>All best wishes for xmas & new year.
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